I am developing & enhancing cross-platform customer experiences as a UI Engineer III in the User Acquisition & Growth team at Flipkart Bangalore.

Before that at Craftworks, we explored new ideas and converted them to products with the possibility of eventually spinning them out into independent companies. We explored revamping HR tools to be data-driven instead of subscription-revenue driven (called Caliber) - similar to how Gmail had disrupted email services.

I recently graduated the nine month Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree at Udacity. In the capstone project, a team of four of us, drove a car in a simulated environment to obey traffic signs purely based on camera data. I worked on building sensor fusion and localization algorithms as well as sophisticated car control in a simulated environment. I also worked on multiple projects related to lane and vehicle detection as well as traffic sign classification that use deep learning and computer vision techniques.

I was a Web and Mobile App Developer at Myntra Designs, Bangalore. I worked on the PHP to Node.js migration for the desktop and mobile websites. I was the first developer on the iOS app and I eventually helped migrate large parts of the iOS app to React Native. I led a team as we explored conversational interfaces in our incubator lab.


Software and hardware hacks - most of them are documented with an article and video.

Building a Facebook Paper-like UI with React Native - I built a working copy of the open-close cards carousel from the original Facebook Paper app as a technical demo. It uses the Animated library and React Native.
Mapping a Room with Ultrasonic Sensors - I attempt to map the shape of my room using four HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensors and a magnetic compass to measure the heading.
Scrolling Tweets - This little device gets the latest tweets from the internet via WiFi, and displays them on a tiny display.
Hungry (Design Mock) - A prototype design for a food take-away ordering app.
Nearby Cabs - Nearby cab search with RethinkDB geo-queries and changefeeds.
Dockerweb - A web UI to create Docker containers from the Docker Hub.
Event Dashboard - Realtime tweets on a large canvas using websockets
WeFiddle - An online collaborative art canvas
Thrifty - Guess the Price Game for Fashion Clothing.
Stylebook - Explore and shop for clothing collections


Learnings and tutorials about life as well as coding. (~1000 followers on Medium)


Videos tutorials about new electronics hardware as well as some short movies. (200+ subscribers on YouTube)

DIY Reflow Soldering at Home - SMD soldering practice with a twist - with solder paste, a hot pan, infrared thermometer and really tiny components.
Start with Arduino for Just $3 - Don’t use an Arduino Uno board — instead use an ESP8266 based module that is many times more capable than the Arduino, but still ten times cheaper!
Electronics Mailbag - This was my very first batch of orders from AliExpress with WeMos, Neo6M, Sonoff, ESP8266, Arduino, STM32.
Upgrading from 8 Year Old Arduino (Leonardo vs. Diecimila) - I talk about my beloved eight year old Arduino and then we unbox my new Leonardo board.
Meet Roy - Roy learns that life is more than what he considers it to be and people are more than what they seem to be. Fortunately, he is not too late.
Isko Khaiye - An advertisement for a mouth freshener. A bunch of us get together to prove why you should be having it too!
The Double-Crested Cormorant - A bird that can fly, land on water, do some fishing, and then fly again. Nature. Beautiful.
IIITA Jury - Who pays? - One guy books a ticket for two friends who don't travel, and three other friends travel on the train seats instead.
Flash talk at JSFoo 2013 - I gave a small talk with my friend Chetan Agrawal at a JS conference in Bangalore.
Flash talk at MetaRefresh 2014 - Another small talk about a collaborative art canvas I made that runs in the browser.


UI Engineer III

Jul 2018 – Current
Flipkart, Bangalore
  • Working with the User Acquisition & Growth team on developing cross-platform experiences.
  • Member of Tech Staff

    May 2017 – Jul 2018
    Craftworks Solutions, Bangalore
  • Explore new ideas and convert them to products with the possibility of eventually spinning them out into independent companies.
  • Caliber - Rethink HR tooling to be data-revenue driven instead of subscription-revenue driven - similar to how Gmail had disrupted email services.
  • Kubric - Programmatic video generation to enable personalization for each viewer - enables interesting marketing usecases.
  • Technical Lead

    Oct 2016 – Feb 2017
    Myntra Designs, Bangalore
  • Led a team of four of us, as we explored conversational interfaces and chat bots.
  • We built a platform for configuring automated responses and integrations into our iOS and Android apps.
  • Senior Software Engineer

    Jan 2015 - Oct 2016
    Myntra Designs, Bangalore
  • Worked on a new system to allow fully custom layouts that could be configured from the server based on a CSS-like spec. Primitives like text, image and icons could be used along with this layout config to make rich sale banners and landing pages.
  • Worked on the new feed homepage for the iOS app using React Native.
  • This tech migration helped reduce deployment friction and greatly improve development times for everyone on the project.
  • Software Engineer

    Oct 2013 - Jan 2015
    Myntra Designs, Bangalore
  • Worked on the PHP to Node.js migration as part of the team that rebuilt the desktop search page. I redid the header and the footer on the website as per the new design with a new floating navigation bar.
  • Worked on the PHP to Node.js migration as part of the team that rebuilt the mobile website with a focus on performance and compatibility with non-JS browsers. We also reimplemented checkout flow to work without Javascript.
  • Worked on the desktop to mobile app migration as part of the team that built the iOS app. I built the first prototype and we shipped out the complete app in a little over 3 months. The homepage of the app was built to be completely configurable based on a config loaded from the server - it was a series of widgets like images, banners and slideshows.
  • The tech migration helped us be able to scale up to our massive sale events. The iOS app contributes upwards of 20% revenue.
  • QA Engineer

    Nov 2012 - Oct 2013
    Cisco Systems, Bangalore
  • Part of the team that performed QA on Nexus 1000v series of switches for virtualisation platforms
  • We tested for stability, performance and throughput under various conditions.
  • Also installation and upgrade scenarios were performed and tested.
  • Intern

    Feb 2012 - June 2012
    NTU, Singapore
  • Worked on the firmware and software for a custom embedded development for teaching undergraduate students.
  • Firmware for driving all sensors and actuators on board.
  • Interfaced with CPLD, FPGA and ARM microprocessor.
  • The board also consisted of accelerometer, IR emitter and receiver, DAC and ADC as well as Flash storage and RAM.